Help with upgrade options for the HP Pavilion TX2-1377NR with the 2.2GHz AMD Turion X2 RM-75 mobile processor?

I am looking for an expert opinion (or fact) on upgrade options for the HP Pavilion TX2-1377NR with the 2.2GHz AMD Turion X2 RM-75 mobile processor?

I learned that it is a Socket S1g2, with 638-pins, so does anyone know what other CPU's would be compatible?

The RM-75 is kind of slow (with only a 3.1 Windows Experience Index CPU score, in Windows 8 64 bit OS), so I am curious about some faster upgrade options.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. That socket went out of use a long time ago. Sadly there arent many cpus on it that would be more than 10-20% faster, which would be a waste of money at this stage.
    The best option you have is to just upgrade to a new entry level notebook, as basically anything you can get these days except an atom or e2 would be significantly faster.

    How much ram and what gpu are you running? It's possible your cpu isn't the main reason for its slow performance.

    EDIT: Also what kind of tasks are you doing on it?
  2. May as well post again instead of editing my post out of existance.

    I just looked up you model and it's very possible that your gpu (as well as cpu) are causing the performance, as generally the more recent the os the more graphically demanding it is. For that gpu, I suspect windows 8 might be a bit much.

    That's all unimportant though as you probably can't upgrade the gpu, and even if you could, you would just make the cpu bottleneck more obvious.

    The best solution would be to just buy a new laptop as money spent on this one would not improve it enough to make a noticeable difference.
  3. I recently upgraded two HP laptops (dv4 and dv6) that originally had RM-70 and RM-72 CPUs installed. I replaced both of them with ZM-86 X2 ULTRAs and the results are fantastic! Ultra series have double the cache size and I also got a decent bump in clock speed, 2.0 and 2.1Ghz to 2.4Ghz. The results are well worth the ~$25 I paid!

    Windows Vista Experience Index
    WEI : RM72|ZM86
    CPU : 4.8 -> 4.9
    G2D : 3.1 -> 3.9
    G3D : 3.3 -> 3.8

    See this table for compatible CPU models:
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