Gaming - 3770k vs 3930k *Without Hyperthreading*

So I'm not an expert on HT and how it impacts performance, but I have learned on the internets that most games do not make use of anything more than a 3770k.
And a 3770k has 4 cores that are hyperthreaded, making 8 threads.
Now, most agree then, that the 3930k, with its 6 hyperthreaded cores, is overkill, as the games do not utilize those extra two cores.
However, what about a 3930k with hyperthreading disabled? Now, you have only 6 threads. 6 very fast threads. Would this perform even better than the 3770k, since, as I seem to have gathered, most modern games can utilize up to 8 threads?
Sorry if this is a dumb question..

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  1. Unless you are doing gaming at 1440p or 1600p, there is 100% no need for a 3930k. Only get that CPU if you are doing very high res professional graphics and video or if you are rich and want a gaming build that'll last 5-6 without an upgrade.
  2. Most modern games don't utilize 8 threads. Most modern games seem to utilize somewhere between 2 and 4 threads; that's why the Core i3 (2 cores w/ Hyper threading) kicks the crap out of its dual-core cousins that lack HT. That's why the i5 (4 cores, no HT) has a significant advantage over the i3.

    And that's why the i7 (whether of the 4 or 6-core variety) has no noticeable advantage over the i5 in most current gaming benchmarks.

    But I don't expect that to last forever. The 6-core i7 is definitely overkill, but that's as much a commentary on the cost of the LGA 2011 platform as it is a commentary on the chip's relative performance. The 4-core i7 is generally regarded as overkill among gaming enthusiasts (who prefer the i5 3570k), but depending on your budget, the 4-core i7 may be worthwhile even so, because it's really not that much more expensive than the i5 in the grand scheme of things.
  3. well, if you bought 3990, would you disable HT?

    save your money and just get an i5. well having 8 threads wont hurt too if you have the money. but if funds are limited you are better off buying a better gpu or an ssd or something.
  4. The threads don't get faster just because you turn off ht. The 3770k would be better because it has better performance per core.
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