is 6Gb sata really necessary?

if i buy motherboard that doesn't have any sata 6Gb port, how do this affect the gaming experience?
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    Most SSDs can top out a 3Gbps SATA link. An SSD on SATA-II will still be loads better than a platter drive on SATA-II but if you're looking to buy an SSD you might as well future proof your PC a bit. What motherboard were you thinking of buying?
  2. No real difference. An HDD can't max out a 3gb/s port, and an SSD will only do so in sequential read/writes. Even then, it's only load times that are really affected by access speeds.
  3. All true as of now but what if? a few years down the road SSD drives and Hard Drives can really use up to 6 gig sata don't hurt to be more then less in this case unless money is a factor.
  4. It's actually pretty tricky to find a mobo without 6gb/s now...

    Even then, there's nowhere to put that 500MB/s you are reading off the drive, except down USB3.0. Any mobo without sata6 isn't going to have usb3 either.
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