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i have the problem of connecting the wireless router to the bsnl wimax connection . there is no internet acess through the router . when i troubleshoot the problem than it shows that u should sign up with internet service prrovider. please tell me the solution.
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  1. Are you connection a router to a modem or are you using a 2 in one? If your connecting a router to a modem you need to clone the MAC adress of the computer that originally was connected to the modem. You can do this by connecting that computer to the router accessing the router through the default gateway and selecting clone mac adress in the routers UI. Then when you connect the router to the modem you should get an internet connection through the routers wifi
  2. To find out the default gateway pull up the command prompt by typing CMD into the search bar when clicking the windows button. Then type ipconfig. Do this when you have the router directly connected to the computer that originally was connected to the modem. When you have the defualt gateway which is usually like or etc type that adress into google chrome or any other internet browser to access the router. Usually if you have not setup a password on the router the password is either blank or admin look up depending on what brand it is.
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