Finishing my system, HD 7950 or HD 7970?

Firstly I know same questions, xxxx vs xxxx. I don't like to make a topic about this but as this is my first build I'd like some direction. I've read a lot here and have decided to go down the amd path for my gpu.
It's been a steep learning curve and a lot of reading, watching youtube reviews and benchmark stuff. Funny how I was dead set to go with the new FX cpus and ended up with a 3570K. Due to financial restraints, bloody builders swanning off to god knows where /shakes fist! My PC took a back seat.
My question is this I have the choice of a used 7970 with warranty, a Gigabyte none OC model or a MSI twin Froza Rev 2 7950 both cards are dead on my budget. I'm wary of buying used and don't want to have the hassle of returning the Gigabyte if anything is wrong. Then again the retailer is reputable.
How much of a difference will I see between the two?
My specs are:
i5 3570k
Corsair 1600 mhz, 8 gig RAM
Gigabyte GA Z77 D3H
1TB HDD with a 60 gb msata ssd cache
Real world differences? The MSI is tempting as it's new and has 5 games. The used card has none. Both have a 3 year warranty.
Oh single monitor at 1080.
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    In a heartbeat I'd go for the 7950: even at stock 800/1250 its capable of playing just about everything out there at maximum uber settings smoothly and it can usually overclock to match the 7970 (mine'll easily go 1GHz/1400).
    And the games.
    Also check prices on the GTX670, they do n't overclock like their AMD rivals but tend to be quieter and offer smoother gameplay.
  2. Thanks for your input but the decision has been taken out of my hands, just got an e-mail saying that I can't have the 7970 as it's oos. Nice! Still gonna call them and complain.
    I know the gtxs are nice in terms of noise and power useage but the 670 is >£100 out of my budget. Think it'll be the MSI 7950.
  3. TBH a single AMD card normally doesn't suffer from noticable stuttering and the twin frozr coolers are silent. I can't hear mine over the noise of my noctua case fans, that are on low noise adapters.
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