Can I run foreign language PC games on an English OS install

What issues are to be expected?

What if the Os is not English install but the PC games are USA?

Is Crysis 3 suitable for a German OS installation, for example?

It's not about whether it is Windows 7, 8, vista, XP it's about the language version for the game versus the OS. version
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    The OS language should not matter for games.

    Sometimes games take a region into account, but that's easily changed or faked.

    Some online applications such as steam take region into account and/or IP address region.
  2. Thanks mjmackka. I often see the option to choose a Country when installing a program or game or even for downloading drivers, I always wondered whether it actually does make a difference. I've just assumed it meant the language of the text, and how currency is shown, as well as the fonts style....
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