Clear cmos - black screen no beep

Hi! Yesterday I did a clear cmos on my MSI H61m-p25 B3. First I touched the 2 metal thingys with a screwdriver, then i took out the battery for a little while then put it back in and when i tried to start the computer i just got a black screen, no beeps or lights in the keyboard.

Do I have to buy i new motherboard?
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  1. Did you put the batterry back correctly? :p. Why did you clear cmos in the first place?
  2. I put the battery back just like it was before, and I did i because i had som problems with my RAM slots and thought "why not"
  3. and tried switching the ram from slots yet then? You should try if it boots with just 1 stick of ram in slot A1 then B1 then A2 and then B2 and if it doesn't boot in any slot it's a different problem.
  4. I only got 2 slots a one of them is faulty since 2-3 days back, and i've tried with all my sticks in the slot.
  5. You should try a new mobo then imo
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