What are the best cheap parts for a gaming computer build?

I am going to build a gaming computer for the first time, and I have a good idea of what I'm going to get, but I'm not sure what motherboard I should get. I've heard that gigabyte makes good ones, but I don't really know... I also plan on getting an Intel i7 to build around. Suggestions for ANY parts!!!
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  1. Give us a budget, preferred store, what peripherals you need/have, etc. It's hard to help you when we don't know how much you want to spend and what you need.
  2. What kind of budget are we looking at, and what parts do you not need? What is your OS? Monitor resolution?
  3. Honestly, I don't want to go over a thousand dollars because this is my first build and I only have an idea of what I'm getting into. I have no idea what my OS is btw sorry. And as far as what I need, everything. That's for the monitor and everything. I might go a little over if I need to for a good mouse and keyboard, but I can use old ones if I need to for a short period of time. I can use my tv for a monitor as long as the computer has HDMI or RGB output. It is a 1080p tv.
  4. Alright, you are going to have to make some decisions here. Using a TV as a monitor is a bad idea, so adding a monitor, mouse, and keyboard is going to cut your budget by at least $200. Using an i7 in a $1000 build is difficult anyway, but it just wont fly in an $800 build. Why exactly do you need an i7...if this is just going to be a gaming computer, its much more cost effective to use an i5 processor or do an AMD build.

    The next question is about graphics cards...what kind of games do you expect to play and at what kind of graphics quality?

    Since you dont have a preferred OS, we will just assume Windows 7.
  5. The reason I wanted an i7 was because with what the new gaming consoles are looking like, I wanted to try to be ahead of the game and try to get a good computer! but an i5 is fine and now I know what you mean by OS I was planning on Windows 7 anyways. I'm only 15 btw, so money is the big issue. If I can get a job this summer, then Ill probably play Skyrim, Planetside 2, maybe LoL, Minecraft, anything good I can get on Steam really. Like I said, I can stick with my old keyboard and mouse to get a good monitor for now.
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    Alright, check out this build:

    There is no reason to get an i7 if all you will be doing is playing games. The i5 I have on this build is the top i5 chip and it is really the #1 choice for people who are building a gaming PC. I can also tell you that the graphics card that I chose is probably very similar to the graphics that they will be putting in the new generation of consoles. I did what I could to find combos and discounts and the best deals possible, so if you dont like the mouse or the case, feel free to change it, but I think that is a pretty solid build considering I included a 23" Samsung Monitor...personally I own the 27" version of that monitor and its amazing, I always recommend the Samsung SyncMaster.
  7. Thanks a lot! This might be a stupid question, but as far as all of the correct ports for the motherboard, do these all work together?

    Whoops sorry just saw the "no incompatibilities found at the top lol. Thanks a lot!!
  8. Yes, the CPU and the Motherboard are both socket LGA 1155, as is the CPU cooler, and you are going to connect the HDD via SATA to the motherboard SATA0 port and it really doesnt matter which SATA port you plug the disk drive into.
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