power supply good enough?

i got zotac gtx 660 2gb ,intel core i7 3770 and corsair vs550 550w for power supply is it good psu or i have to change it?
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    It's enough. The GPU is the component that usually eats up most of the power. I had a 500W Corsair power supply before and a GTX670 graphics card with no problems.

    Some people tend to get too big power supply and it might affect the performance. But anything between 500-600W is good for your build :)
  2. corsair VS series isnt very good psu. there are tons of better psu with similar price. Corsair CX, Rosewill Hive, XFX, Antec. find one that suit your budget
  3. I did have a Corsair CX 500W. How come VS isn't as good?
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