Installed New SSD Games Now Stutter

Hello all, I just recently bought a new Samsung 840 180GB SSD from newegg. I installed it and installed a new steam library on the new SSD for my games.

When I went to start all my games up to see if everything was good to go I noticed the games would stutter/micro-stutter. I uninstalled and re-installed and I'm still having issues.

Is there anything I'm unaware of that i was supposed to do before installing these games on this backup SSD?

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  1. My question would be is the SSD correctly installed, that was the BIOS set to AHCI.

    down load AS SSD install and run. Do NOT need to run the Benchmark. Just look at uperr left
    Verify it DOES NOT say driver: pcide = BAD
    and that it also says "OK" for partition alignment.
    Yes there is a ENGLISH version if needed.
  2. Couple of questions:

    Is this a fresh install (new OS, new Steam, etc) vs uninstall then reinstall?

    Are the settings appropriate for the rest of the hardware? SSDs don't improve frame-rates, bumping up the graphics quality on the same machine will cause a slowdown.

    Was anything else changed at the same time?
  3. RetiredChief: Below are the results I got. I didn't see a driver thing.

    ddpruitt: I'm not real computer savy per say. It's my second ssd on the system. The first is my boot drive and its a Samsung 830 256GB. I just made a new steam drive on the ssd and installed my games and got stutters and micro stutters.
  4. The drive configuration looks fine. Try running the benchmarks on both drives to see if the speeds are off. It could some funky conflict between the two drives. If the one drive worked fine before there shouldn't be any problems with the new one.
  5. The driver for Your 840 Pro is asahci. This is a driver for a 3d party controller on your MB "Asmedia 106x SATA Host Controller Driver."
    What MB, as I generally avoid using 3rd party controllers for MY SSDs. If you have a Intel chipset w/2 sata III ports, that is the ports I would be using for the two SSDs.

    ?? how is the 830 configured, just out of curiousity.
    Note the drive will be where the "asahci" is displayed.

    Added: Just thought - if you have both SSDs installed on the Asmedia controled ports, you could be cripling their performance as I think the Asmedia uses your PCI lanes and both SSDs would be fighting for Bandwidth.
  6. here is the results for my main boot drive.
  7. cjmanis10 said:
    RetiredChief: Below are the results I got. I didn't see a driver thing.

    Your AS-SSD results show asahci64 which means your SSD is connected to an ASMedia SATA port.

    Connect your SSD to one of the Intel 6Gb/s SATA ports on your motherboard for best performance. See your motherboard manual for the location of the ports.
    After changing ports go into BIOS and verify that the port your SSD is now connected to is in AHCI mode.

    Finally, install Intel's latest RST AHCI drivers:
  8. Screen shot of OS drive, shows On Intel Port and Bios is set to AHCI.
    Does not show Version Intel RST driver, so as Dereck indicated make sure it is at least 10.6 or later (think they are upto 11.x).
    And Yes move 840 pro to Intel sata 6 port.
  9. Hi there,

    I was just wondering, with it being a few years on, did you solve this in the end? I recently put a new Samsung SSD drive in and I'm also getting that kind of stuttering, initially just on games installed on the new SSD drive but after I took the drive back out it started happening on the main SSD!

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