Bf3 Lag fix. HELP!

Hello everyone!
My problem is that bf3 Multiplayer lags.
I'm sure that my pc is fine to run it even on high.But somehow i got some lag spikes...I noticed that i got these lags just now.(it rans well until now.)
Its my internet?
I use wifi , and even if i use cable i can donwload at 600kbs with utorrent
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  1. Let's start at the top and work our way down.

    First list all of you system specs.
    Second, do a speed test. ( ). Choose a city at least 200 miles from your location. Anything less is useless.
    Third, what is are the settings and resolution do you play the game at?
  2. fourth, do you filter your server lists?....
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    .... Do you have any idea what "ping" is?

    go to battlelog, and on the server screens there is a "FILTER" option... you might be entering servers from another countries and with laggy conections..... try to avoid the ones with >150ms ... thats prob what is getting you laggy...
  4. Honestly, I don't think it has anything to do with where you connect to. You are playing a very system intense game. I doubt you are playing on high. I bet you can change the settings to low and you'll have the same framerate as high which is because your computer doesn't meet minimum requirements. As for running fine until now, it's most likely because your laptop is heating up. Heat = loss of performance.

    Always make sure you computer meets the minimum requirements for a game before you buy it.
  5. Umm i tried to play on low ping servers AND actually i can play on medium no lag (35 fps) :D...
    And the says that i can play the game because the bar is on the medium...Also the single problem showing: GPU clock...Which is now overclocked to 1000 mhz via Amd Overdrive...thanks for the answers!
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