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Hello guys, I'm an IT tech at the job i work at and recently our senior IT director left leaving me in charge of everything here and me being only 20 havent had much real experience in the field. The problem im having is a single users domain account is super slow logging on and when it does log on everything freezes, explorer constantly crashes and needs to be closed and re run to get anything to work. Even then nothing ever works, i thought i had everything sorted out, ive done registry defrags, defrags, tweaks, everything. I'm thinking its not user profile related since when i log in to the local admin account it runs great, after all its an i5, 7gb of ram, i swear its really 6gb, and an ati gpu. any help would be great, ive tried everything to get it to work, but every time it seems better it goes back to the way it was. Should i try removing his user profile, and editing the registry to remove the sid of the account and rebuild his profile and copy over his files?
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  1. sounds like he may have a roaming profile or a folder redirect,.

    lets start with seeing if he has a folder redirect, right click on his my documents and select properties, are the files on the machine or on a server?

    open a command prompt type gpresult this will show any group policies applied to this user

    download and install Group policy management console
    review any gpo to see if this is impacting start up
    check to see if he has roaming profile enabled, any startup scripts
    run msconfig and look at the startup tab for unneeded programs running at startup
  2. What happens when they log onto a different machine?
  3. my first guess was that it was a roaming profile but according to windows it isnt, it says local. I/m actually logged into his account at the moment on a different computer and it loads up and goes great. He does have a lot of networked folders mapped but i don't think that can be the problem. It has to be some sort of programs, or maybe a driver conflicting with something. when i ran auslogics boost speed it was saying that there was some sort of incompatible security driver as well as an avast driver. I would like to get this sorted out now but hes still here working at his desktop on a local admin account.

    as far as startup programs im pretty sure i wiped all that out last time as well as some unneeded services.

    im going to download that management console on this computer to take a look but im pretty sure it would detect the problems on his computer

    *update* the management console is only for xp or server 2003 any way to view through the regular mmc?
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    It's his profile on the machine. Log in as admin, and change the name of his profile(or delete it), and then log him in again, and it should create a new profile for him.
  5. ss202sl said:
    It's his profile on the machine. Log in as admin, and change the name of his profile(or delete it), and then log him in again, and it should create a new profile for him.

    i finally got it fixed but i cant recall what it was any more , i ran auslogics boost speed, and saw alot of problems, uninstalled office 2007 for 2013 and excel ,outlook etc werent locking up, then decided to rename his profile to .old and recreate his profile and copied all his stuff back over and it seems better now
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