Will quad channel memory work in a dual channel motherboard?

Will 4 sticks of quad channel memory (16gb) G,Skill Ripjaws 4x4 or corsair vengeance 4x4 1600 run on a dual channel motherboard (MSI
990FXA-GD80) ? i wont need more than 16 for some years so i dont care about 8 x 2 for future upgrades , is there a difference between 4x4 and 8x2 , because filling all the ram slots will look better in my opinion and 4x4 is cheaper .Also can i use 1866 in quad channel memory ? (processor fx 8350)
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  1. 4 memory modules will run in dual channel mode becasue the chipset doesn't support quad channel. Running 2 x 8GB should be easier than 4 x 4GB, but it doesn't look as good. I presume that you checked the QVL? http://www.msi.com/file/test_report/TR10_2400.pdf
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