Phenom II x4 965 OC temp

With my current cooler I'm currently getting temps registering mid 60s and staying there whenever I play games. I'm clocked at about 3.2 GHz (up from default 2.8 GHz) and I am a bit worried this will damage my cpu. I am waiting to get enough money in the next month or two to get a water cooler as I'm sure these temps are due to the fact that one of my fans crapped out on me. can i stay at this clock for that long without serious harm to my cpu?
Thanks :D
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  1. some people including me (i also use a phenom II in OC) we say that the highest temps to operate this CPUs are not beyond the 62°C if exceeded you can damage it...

    are you sure about the clock freqs?? the default speed for the phenom II 965 is 3.4GHz
  2. Yes your o.k. for now.
  3. sry its 925 :P
  4. i think no need water cooler , hyper 212 evo will enough for midle OC .. good luck
  5. well i have my phenom ii 555, and i unlocked it to 4 cares, i also used the multiplier, and NB freq, to get 3.65GHz with four cores and also a higher ht link and i just bought a hyper TX3 which is cheaper (and smaller) than the hyper 212 +, but i recommend you the hyper 212+, the performances says that the 212 evo can decrease only one or two celcius degree (comparing with 212+) so i think it doesnt worth the price
  6. water cooling sucks but at that temp your cpu will only last a few years. get an air gun and blast the cpu and fans. This alone will drop temp a few degrees.
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