Ram slots b1 and b2 working but not a1 and a2

Hello all, I am working on a new build, the motherboard is an asus p8 z77 v le plus I bought 2 x 8 gb G.Skill f3-1600c9d-16gmx r. So I put it all together, put the dram in slots a2 and b2 per instructions in MB manual. The red memory light goes off and the mother board cannot make the memory work. After trying every combination I can think of I find that the dram works in slots b1 and b2 , never in a1 or a2. The manual says if you have only one stick use a2.

Lets make the picture a little muddier; I find out that this memory is not on the supported list for the MB. But it works great in slots b1 and b2. So here is the question. Is the MB bad? Is it simply a fluke that the Dram works in b1 and b2 due to some crazy timing thing? Should I RMA the MB , the RAM or both?

system specs:
Motherboard asus p8z77-v le plus
processor intel i7 3770 3.4g
ram gskill p3-1600c9d-16gxmr
video evga 02g-p4-2653-rx gt650 2g
ps rosewill rg630-s12 630w rt
hdd 2t st stb2000101 7k r
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  1. I would double check with the manufacture.
  2. just in case anyone runs across this problem, I have solved the issue. I spoke to Asus and they said they thought it was an MB issue. I returned old MB and got a new one, same exact model. The memory now works fine in the proper slots, it was indeed a bad MB.

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