Onboard Audio quits working after installing Nvidia GTX 650

First off - I have googled and searched thru these forums for answers to my issue. I've found many with a similar issue but none of the suggested answers proved useful for me.

I have an Asrock Extreme3 Gen3 mobo and recently installed an NVidia GTX 650 graphics card. I run HDMI to my HDTV which I use as a monitor.
Since doing so, I now only get audio thru the HDMI port on the video card. My Realtek software shows that "nothing is connected" to the onboard audio ports, even though there is.

The sound DOES work over the HDMI port in the card, however, I'd like the sound to go across my onboard audio (primarily so I can use a microphone)

What I have tried:
-Removing video card - Sound works again.
-Remove all audio/video drivers, reboot, install Realtek audio drivers, reboot, attempt to install Nvidia drivers/software - Fails as no hardware is installed to support the drivers
-Same as above, except reinstalling video card, installing NVidia software and unchecking the option to install NVidia Audio - Does not work (and the audio options in the Nvidia control panel still show up)
- Under NVidia control panel > Select 'Turn off audio' for the HDMI dropdown under digital audio settings - Does not work
- Updated BIOS
- Checked BIOS - No settings for onboard audio being disabled

I've played with settings in the Realtek software as well, but as soon as I install the video card, some of the settings disappear (everything except for the Digital Output, which I don't have a connection for with my sound system).

Any help is appreciated.


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  1. playback devices in the volume control
  2. You need to go into your windows audio settings and set the default audio device to be the onboard card, not HDMI. You can also disable the HDMI audio.

    inputs are separate from outputs, you can select your card as default input even when using hdmi audio
  3. I don't think you can have both as the hdmi (when plugged in) deactivates the other audio outputs. A workaround would be use DVI to HDMI cable (DVI) @ the card, will give best video signal with no sound to the tv, but leaving your audio outputs enabled.
  4. Redeemer - I've tried setting the onboard as default, but as noted before, it shows that the devices are disconnected.

    unksol - I know the inputs/outputs are different. However, when the video card is connected, it disables ALL onboard audio, including inputs (the microphone shows as 'disconnected' as well).

    ur6beersaway - thanks for the suggestion, if no other solutions work then I will try this.
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