I need help figuring out the rest of the components that I need to build a computer With these parts!

I do not need an AMAZING gaming computer, just enough to run most games.

could someone tell me what parts I'm missing and suggest me to parts that would be compatible with these? Thanks!

I am really new to building computers and have never done it before so I do not have alot of knowledge of the parts needed, I would like my total budget to be at around 600 or if it it possible, less than that including the parts I have listed.
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    You will need a CPU (one compatible with your motherboard) and a power supply at a minimum. You may also want to consider a HDD for games, applications and data storage. Also a keyboard, mouse and monitor unless you already have those. Oh, and if you are wanting to will require a GPU (video card).

    EDIT: You should check out some of the past "System Builds" articles here on THG. They have several that ring in for approximately $600 U.S.
  2. Oh could you link me to some system builds that fit in my budget? Thanks!
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