Can't boot from Windows 7 disc

Hey all,

I have a computer with 3x hard drives and 2 DVD drives. Currently, I have XP on drive 1, but I want to install W7 on drive 3. Problem is, I can't get the computer to run the install disc for W7 OEM.

The installation disc won't boot through XP, showing "This disc isn't compatible with this OS".

I've tried command prompt, but not sure I have the right commands.

I've looked at the BIOS, but it is set to CDROM to boot first.

I attempted to change the boot order in the computer's boot menu upon startup, but it doesn't work, and boots up to XP.

When the startup screen shows "Press any button to start from CDROM", the computer does not recognize my keyboard entry and goes on to load XP.

I thought that I might be able to physically unplug the hard drives I'm not loading W7 on, but I'm concerned that this might reconfigure the drive labeling, channel assignments, or sequence, etc..

I'm not well-versed enough with this to feel comfortable with more complicated trickery until I hear back from folks.

Any suggestion? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Disconnect all drives except the target Win 7 drive.
    Verify the DVD drive is first in boot order.
    Try again.
  2. Thank you, Air Force veteran!

    I did all of your suggestions. Still no boot from the Windows disc. I tried the disc in another computer and it boots right up upon start up.

    I am wondering if my problem stems from the way the drives are configured. Here is the channel config:

    DVD #1 Ch. 4 master
    DVD #2 ch. 0 slave
    HD ch 1 slave

    all three BIOS boot orders are set to CDROM

    One DVD is hooked through a blue wire (SCSI?) and the other is an older ribbon connector.

    I try the boot menu upon startup and set it to CDROM, and it still just reboots.

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