I ordered incompatible processor, motherboard, and video card, what now?

After discovering for sure that my laptop was not good enough for development with the Oculus Rift SDK, I decided an attempt at making a desktop that was powerful enough, but not too much above $600 total.

Problem is I ordered the parts and only afterward realized that there are some compatibility issues (stupid on my part, I know). I was using the PC Parts maker, and then tried to order everything off of amazon.

For the processor I got the AMD A8 3850. It was relatively inexpensive, however it uses a FM1 socket, this does not go with the ASRock 880GM-LE FX motherboard that I ordered.

Furthermore it appears that both the motherboard and processor have an integrated videocard with the ability to cross with other specialized video cards. I ordered a MSI NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 2GB GDDR3, which looked powerful, but not too expensive.

So the question is, do I attempt to get a refund for 2 of the three, or all three and try over again?

The case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, hard-drive, and optical drive should have no issues.
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    Amazon is generally very good about taking stuff back. I'd say return it all, and start over.
  2. Just get a motherboard that will work with your CPU. So just RMA the motherboard and get one that will work with the CPU you have. CrossfireX with the built in APU and a compatible GPU does not really gain you a whole lot so you will be better off with the dedicated GPU you already have. While the GTX 640 is on the low side of the 6xx series it is not a bad card if you are not doing a lot of high end gaming it will be fine.

    The cards that do CrossfireX with the APU are not very powerful so you will not be losing alot. And do not worry it is a newbie mistake and can happen to anyone. Learn from it and move on that is all you can really do.
  3. USAFRet said:
    Amazon is generally very good about taking stuff back. I'd say return it all, and start over.

    Please start over and FM-1 socked is a "dead" product line. check out FM-2 or AM3+ has enormous support for same price.
  4. You should return it all
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