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I have a semi-embarrassing question. I upgraded a Dell Precision in my brother's office- new CPU , the higher level heatsink, new video card , and the HD was a 12- year old replacement with all the original software on it- XP Pro 32-bit that was never used. This is on a local network with three other computers, connected to a Dell Poweredge server where all the work files are.

I was able to map it and connect it to the network/server. However, I can't for the life of me work out how to set the system so that it boots to a window that asks for a user password and connects to the server. Currently, it boots to ask for a password, but if I enter anything, it denies access. If I click on "OK", it starts and the applications can be used. However, if I try to open a work file, it asks for a password and if I enter the password I entered for USER > it will connect to the server and open files. The current server/network password does not work and the computer name is the current network password.

I apologize for phrasing this in this way, but can you provide 1> step by step instructions of how to reset so that when it boots to require a password ( again, it currently shows the network password as the computer name) that reset password user access and auto-connects to the network/server? 2> Also, I need to reset the computer name and 3> I need to set the administrator password. It may be simple sequence in Device Manager, Control Panel or logon control, but my head is spinning. My problem is that I've never dealt with networks, online explanations have not been clear, it's been a long while since I used XP, and after the muddle I've created, I just can't take more hours to try and figure out the procedure.



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  1. 1> Are you talking about joining a domain here?
    2> You can change the PC name by going to Start > Right-clicking My Computer > Click Properties > Computer Name tab > Click Change.
    3> To change administrator PW you can go to Start > Right-click My Computer > go to Manage > Double-click Local Users and Groups in the left pane > Click Users in Left Pane > Right-Click Administrator in the Right Pane > Set Password.
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