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I have a new Asus Sabertooth z77 and Intel i5 processor. I had trouble with receiving no post upon boot, so I stripped everything out of my rig, booting off of just CPU, motherboard, PSU, and one stick of Corsair Vengance 4GB ram. Unfortunately, this is new ram and I don't have a spare DDR3 mobo to test it in, so I'm switching between the two sticks I have just to make sure it isn't a RAM issue. I am getting no display to my monitor. The red CPU light is lit on the mobo, which according to the documentation, means a CPU error.

My process of elimination:

My question is, is it pretty certain I have a bad CPU? Or is there something I'm overlooking? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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  1. Hi, What processor using?
  2. It is supported. To rule out a short, try taking the board outside the case, put it on its cardboard, leave only CPU and CPU fan installed, make sure that the 24, 8 pin and CPU fan wires are connected and start the board.
    See if still red CPU led.
  3. That is what I meant in my original post that I had stripped it out of my rig. Sorry, wasn't clear enough.

    I have done exactly what you have suggested, and yes, the light is still red.

    Thanks for replying.
  4. Since you've reseated the CPU and the CPU fan is spinning, then I'd say it's either a board or a CPU issue. I would RMA them. Check the CPU socket for bent pins after removing the CPU.
  5. That's kind of what I figured, but wanted to make sure before I went through sending them back. Thanks for the reply!
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