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I have a net top with an Atom n2800 CPU and HDMI output. I am considering turning it into an HTPC mainly for casual web browsing but most importantly for watching 3D movies.

I searched everywhere and all what Intel is bragging about is the n2800 capability to play 1080p videos smoothly but I still couldn't find any reference if it works great with 1080P 3D movies.

Would appreciate the community's help on this.

I already have the machine new in box and had to choose the option either to improve my Smart TV experience a bit with it (3D video mandatory) or just sell/gift it

You just helped me find the right thing to do, thanks :)
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  1. The Atom N2800 was considered a pretty weak CPU when it was launched back in 2011. It uses the PowerVR SGX545 graphics core (known as the Intel GMA 3650). It is a slightly more powerful version of the PowerVR SGX540 used in Amazon's Kindle and is it less powerful than the ULP GeForce graphics core found in nVidia's Tegra 3 ARM processor.

    In a nutshell, I really doubt it can handle 3D movies.
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    The little brother of the N2800, the N2600, that has 200 MHz less clock speed and a slightly lesser power GPU, struggles to play just 1080p movies. No 3D involved here. It struggles badly.

    Look into the C60/70 or E-series from AMD for nettops.
  3. Thanks jaguarskx and elemein;
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