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I've had this HDD for a year and abit now, all of a sudden today windows 8 hangs and when I try to boot my computer up it keeps hanging in the boot up screen recognizing the sata the ssd is attached to.

I'm unable to repair it using windows 8 repair since whenever the drive is attached everything screetches to a halt.

I've reinstalled windows 8 to another hdd I had and things work fine, however as soon as I plug the ssd in things start hanging as soon as the OS tries to access it. Now I can if I keep the drive unplugged then plug it in once windows has started access the drive again but it hangs if I do anything other than view the files in explorer.

Does anyone know what exactly has happened? And if I can recover the data on my ssd? It is visible things just freeze if I try to access it...

Thanks in advance!
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  1. You can try updating the drives firmware but if that doesnt fix it then its an electronical problem and you won't be getting your data back.
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