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Here's my problem: I'm running an SSD and HDD on my new build, and I installed Windows 7 on the SSD. Because of that, Windows, by default, puts all installed programs in C:\Program Files (my SSD), and I'd like it to install programs by default in B:\Program Files (my HDD). I realize that generally you can choose to do this when installing an individual program, but actually, you cannot with many programs. For instance, if you download Chrome or Spotify, they've designed the process to be so foolproof that you don't get to choose where you're installing the program at any step along the way.

Now, I've researched this a bit and found a number of potential solutions. One is this:
Essentially, this recommends using junction points to reroute your existing program files to another location on your desired drive. You have to do it in Repair Your Computer mode because Windows doesn't give the end user this option by default. It looks like it will successfully move my existing programs from my SSD onto my HDD, but what I can't quite discern is whether it will redirect any future programs I install (which don't give me an option of where to install) onto my HDD.

Anyone have any experience with this, or other methods?
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  1. ur6beersaway said:

    That only changes where files downloaded from a browser go. I'm looking to change where a program itself is installed. Again, some programs bypass an option to let you decide where they're installed, so the solution would need to be changing something in Windows itself, not within a browser.
  2. I am a bit confused, if you installed Windows 7 on the SSD then why are the programs installing on the HDD by default? The default is to install programs on the OS drive. Normally the drive letter B is reserved for a second floppy drive and not the boot drive ( and ). I do realize you can change the letter assigned to a drive. Was the HDD installed when you installed Windows 7 on the SSD? Just to clarify, do you want newly installed programs to be stored on the HDD or SSD? Most programs, except the ones you mentioned, should give you the option to install on another drive. You may want to create the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders (on the drive you want the programs installed on) if you haven't done so already.
  3. I am a bit confused, if you installed Windows 7 on the SSD then why are the programs installing on the HDD by default? The default is to install programs on the OS drive. /quotemsg]

    Oops, my mistake. I meant that it's installing on my SSD by default (where my OS is installed) and I want to change that to my HDD (which I've named B).

    So basically I'm trying use the solution in that link I included ( to move program files from my SSD to my HDD. Windows doesn't support doing this, but the method explained in the link is more like creating a shortcut, so you could put program files somewhere else, but have it appear to windows to be in its original location. My question is, if I go through with this procedure, will it only affect the programs that are currently installed and reside in program files, or will it create a permanent reroute for future programs as well?
  4. I have never tried that before so I can't say with any degree of certainty but if what it does is create links then I doubt it will be a permanent solution. Before moving everything I would try it on a program or two and see if you notice a difference in performance. Programs generally open faster from the SSD but I understand why you want to move them from the SSD. My OS is on a relatively small SSD (120GB) so I created the folders mentioned in the last post on the D: drive so I could install programs on it (the ones that give you the option of where to install) and l left enough space for the programs that don't give you the option.
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