Switched to Static IP Addressing, now getting painfully slow connection

After a few problems setting up a wireless printer, I switched my Dynamic IP Addressing on my router (Linksys E2000) to Static, giving my PCs that are hardwired to the router via Cat 5e cabling IP Addresses and my wireless printer

Since the change I can print wirelessly from any PC on the network, but my connection speed has slowed significantly: shows wired PCs pulling ~10-12Mb/s Down stream, ~8-10 Up
But I am currently downloading "League of Legends" (friend told me to try it), and their patcher is telling me 156KB/s download speeds.
The same is true for attempts on my wife's PC, and web surfing reminds me of DSL... (I use Comcast)

My laptop connected wirelessly is pulling 29.5Mb/s on Speedtest Down, 11 Up, and can now run circles around my Gaming rig on anything online based, which has been the opposite until now as the Gaming Rig was wired and the laptop has always been used only via wireless.

This is the first time I've played with Static IP addressing outside of a classroom setting, and I don't know what I've done wrong or if the problem may be related to my router using Static IP, as my laptop is still using Dynamic for that reason.

If anyone has any suggestions or if more info is needed, please let me know. Any and all constructive feedback is appreciated.

Manic Mike
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  1. Did you set the static IP's on the computer or in the Router?
  2. Using the PC I went into the Router and set it to use static IP, assigning IPs and pairing them with the respective MAC addresses
  3. When I try to set IP to static on PC using the same stings as I put in the router, I am disconnected entirely. When I use the Windows Troubleshooter and allow it to fix the problem, it set my IPv4 settings back to dynamic
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    cmd w/ admin rights

    netsh interface ipv4 set address "Local Area connection" static 1

    Change the end to match your address and if you have renamed the LAN connection, its' name.
  5. That fixed it... 55Mb/s Down, 15 up. Thanks Corroded! :)
  6. click best solution then... ;-)
  7. I've never seen it happen... but you can bet that I will remember this!
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