Recommendations for a reliable 600 watt power supply for gaming computer

I have a computer with an Nvidia GTX 660 graphics card (non-Ti), AMD FX-6120 CPU and AMD motherboard, and right now my computer is using an off brand PSU from some brand called "Dynex" that is supposed to generate 520 watts of power, but upon further research I've found this is not really the case (I found it's more like 420, which would explain why my card doesn't seem to work at full power). Anyway the PSU is pretty much a hunk of junk, it's already starting to act up on me by making loud noises when I'm playing games like BioShock Infinite and Borderlands 2 (it even sped up more than usual on me all of a sudden when playing BL2 recently, sounding like a race car speeding up), and even making an odd noise when I power on the computer.

I'm going to return this PSU to Best Buy and get a better power supply that can generate at least 550-600 watts, since I don't exactly have a ton to spend on something slightly more future proof (I think when I feel it's time to upgrade my card and CPU I'll be going with a new custom rig anyway). So anyway, I'm just curious about what PSU I should get now, preferably one that Best Buy actually carries since I can't really order parts online right now. I've heard Corsair and Antec are good, but are there any specific ones ya'll would recommend?
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  1. get corsair, seasonic (my personal favorite), xfx, among others.
  2. Corsair CX500 or CX600 at 500w and 600w should do nicely without breaking the bank. Check the internet for the best prices because Best Buy will match it.
  3. Okay Corsair it is. My local store seems to mainly carry the Builder Series cx600 though, will that be fine with my computer?
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