Partition Problem In windows8

how many partion i can make of 500hdd ?
i have windows8
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  1. why do want to partition on just a 500gb hdd?
  2. It depends on what boot method you are using. If you installed 8 on an older bios based machine, 8 will support 4 primary partitions plus multiple extended partitions.

    If you are booting using UEFI, you can have up to 128 partitions without having to designate them as primary or extended.

  3. Two days ago i bought acer lappy aspire one 725
    with only C drive of size 460 aprrox

    den i used essus partition manager to and divided 460 into 50gb of C drive and rest of Movies drive i.e D

    but when i applied then windows reboot and after that recovery faliure msg came on blue screen

    So i thought that i made some mistake
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    Follow the instructions HERE for partitioning. W8 has its own partition manager - no need for other software.

  5. Thanks Mark
  6. No problem. Partitions are a pain
  7. 50 gb is not going to be enough for windows and its updates.
  8. I have it to acer service center

    he divided my hdd into C-150gb
    and E-150gb

    he said that it is possible to make only 3 drives
  9. rgd1101 said:
    50 gb is not going to be enough for windows and its updates.

    Your service center needs to get some education. However, three 150g partitions will get you on your way to using the rig the way you want.

  10. Thank you both
  11. But they created 150gb of C drive and remaining 300gb dey can create atleast four partiton but they said they can create only two of 150gb each

    So i m little upset

    leave it

    Can any one tell is it possible to upgrade graphics memory in laptop??
  12. Generally, you cannot upgrade the gpu in any laptop.
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