gtx 650ti compatible with asrock 970 pro3?

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  1. Yep, pci slots are backwards compatible. Just out of curiousity, want to list the rest of the build you have planned?
  2. Absolutely. If you can swing a few more $, look at either the 650TI boost or the 660.

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    Ofcourse! It has Two X16 slots meaning the graphics card will perform with all its power and not half. In other words. It will work.
  4. CPU:AMD FX 4300 3.8ghz quad core
    RAM:4gb ddr3 800 or 1066 mhz (not sure)
    Motherboard:ECS A960M-MV
    Graphics: On chip (AMD® 760G-based with ATI™ Radeon HD3000 graphics)
    Hard disc: WD blue(It's too bad disc...)

    I want to change motherboard and graphics only
  5. If you plan to overclock the 4300, be sure to get an aftermarket cooler.
  6. I cant really choose a GPU and MOBO for you until we know how much you have to spend.
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