PC suddenly turns off, wont' turn on again.

Hi, I am having some very serious PC problems. I was sitting at my desk when I noticed one of my PC's overheating, so I turned it off and decided I'd give it a clean up. I turn off the PC and begin to unplug it and my other PC that runs entirely independently to the first PC just turned off. I tryed to turn it back on and nothing. So I continued to fix up my first pc and plugged it back in and its working all normal, but the second PC is still refusing to turn on! I've unplugged the whole thing and have been examining it for damage and I am stumped. If I leave it for a few hours and plug in just the power cable I can get it to turn on and stay on for a while, if I leave it for a couple hours and turn it on with everything hooked up (monitor sound mouse external HHD) it makes it to my user login screen but just as windows it about to load it turns off, upon trying to turn it on again it makes a bearly noticable click and nothing. No lights no fans just the MB green LED stays on. I am thinking this is just a failed PSU, I would just like to know what everyone here thinks.

Thank you for reading. =)
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  1. When you power it on, are all of the fans working properly? Are there any overheating issues?
  2. Oh yea, I was actually probing the temp when it turned off, it maxs at 55C which is more then cool enough, and when I did get it to power on those couple times all the fans turned on without problem.
  3. Take a look at your log files to see why it is shutting down.


    That article describes how to read them.
  4. Hmmm, Im not sure my situation is clear too you. The computer wont turn on, not with monitors and keyboards plugged in at least, I can get it to run with ONLY THE POWER CORD for about 10minutes but with anything more then the powercord ie monitor and keyboard it powers down within seconds. And this is with the psu being off for hours, if I try it right after its been turned of the fans wont even spin.
  5. That really sounds like a PSU issue. Each component you plug in pulls power from the PSU - keyboards/mice draw small current, but they do pull some. Do you have a spare PSU to test with?
  6. Excellent, I am glad you agree. =) No I do not have any spare PSU's unfortunately. I did however manage to buy a brand new one, hooked it up and my pc seems fine now! =D Turned it on not 5seconds ago and it seems to be doing some sort of windows recovery. So I guess we can call this problem solved.

    On a side note for the other computer. I got it a new PSU as well and I also got it a new heat sync/cpu fan. This seems to have fixed the temperature problem I've been having. (down from 80c to 55-50c) but it still has problems starting up sometimes. It's really weird and it has done it for years, let me try to explain.

    If I wake up in the morning and turn on the PC after a full night of being off, sure no problem I'll start up right away.
    However if I then turn it off and attempt to turn it back on again in a timeframe of less then 8-12hours it powers up stays on for a random amount of time 2seconds-37seconds and then shuts off without so much as a beep. If I am persistent and keep trying, it will power up after about 5-50pushs of the power button, and once its on I have no problems, I can restart, sleep, standby all without problems. So this has really got me now. I know for a fact its not the PSU(brand new), or RAM(tested replaced and tested some more) and I doubt it the GPU(very basic GPU and problems happen even using onboard graphics).

    So if you have a theory for that, I'd be interested to hear it.
  7. Sorry for the double post but I have a question about what happened to me.

    So my computer just shut off randomly one day, yesterday. The computer will not turn on again, the PSU died. I buy a new one put it in bang its running like brand new. Why? Like the fuck caused this? Did the PSU seriously just like malfunction just randomly for no reason or through any fault of my own? Could there be any possible cause? I mean the PSU wasn't that old, I mean the whole computer isn't that old, like maybe a year or 2, maybe 3... But relatively new still.... Just seems weird.
  8. Hardware has no time frame in which they die. I will say that brand name PSU's like Corsair, Seasonic and Antec tend to provide a more stable power output, and last longer than other brands. Ratings are always the same either....many manufacturers will rate the PSU for maximum output wattage, while a good PSU brand will give you the constant output wattage (it can peak higher than the constant wattage). OEM PSUs often are the weakest link in a computer....

    Think of it this way - you buy a new Toyota Camry. You can drive it at 55 MPH for well over 100,000 miles (with proper maintenance) without any issues. The car will probably go about 120 MPH, but if you drive it at that speed for an extended amount of time, even with proper maintenance, expect to have problems. The 55 MPH is the constant wattage, the 120 MPH is the maximum wattage.

    The problem with it not starting up is strange...computer components are usually 100% room temperature within 1-2 hours of being shut down, so heat isn't a factor. There could be a capacitor somewhere that when it isn't fully discharged, the issue is revealed. Capacitors are only located in the PSU and motherboard generally...and since you have replaced the PSU - I would bet it is an issue with the motherboard.
  9. Ohhh, Okay cool that makes a lot of sense actually thanks. Yea one of my old PSUs was some sketchy thing from the 90's, made by a company called PowerMan? lol... And my other one was stock and came with the case, I think turbolink... Now I have a 525w EXtreme2 Coolermaster power supply with dual 12v output and a Thermaltake TR2 430watt. Just by looking at the packaging and the hardware I can see, feel and hear the difference in quality.

    Oh funny story about that, I decided to do some research on a message that I get everytime it starts up but I've never really put the two together.... Turns out my ASUS motherboard features some weird software/BIOS feature called ASUS Anti-Surge or something, anyways it seems to be a problem with that feature saying there are power surges even when none are present, most people seem to recommend disabling the feature and it shouldn't do it anymore but I've found its much easyer to start with the new PSU just today I turned it off to quickly check the heatsink and it turned on no problem like 10minutes later, first try and everything!

    Anyways, Thank you for all the help and advice, I was freaking out thinking I lost a serious hardware component like my GPU, CPU or Mobo. So glad it turned out to be the PSU. I'll make sure to keep this site in mind incase I have any further issues. Again thank you very much for you time and effort. ^^
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