User Account Control Permissions problem

When i boot up windows 7 and it loads programs it will popup the UAC box asking for permissions to load that program.

I would like to know how to load each program with out changing the level of the UAC or re installing. The programs I'm trying to load up is HWiNFO64/RivaTuner.exe/LU5.exe(MSIupdater)
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  1. Those programs do access important areas which is why UAC requests program elevation. The only way to get rid of it is to lower the UAC setting or disable UAC altogether.
  2. I noticed other programs install and don't ask for the UAC permissions. Couldn't i do the same for the 3 programs that load up on start?

    I did learn that you can install it in an alt directory and it would load up with out the Permissions problem but then i would have to re install and then re do all the settings.

    Does anyone know of a way?
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    It's not the programs that ask for elevation, it's the OS noticing that the program is attempting to change something in the registry or a system folder (like program files) and the OS will warn you of this behavior. Programs can be written to self elevate in order to bypass UAC, but if UAC is requesting elevation then these programs were not designed to self elevate. RivaTuner needs to access the hardware which requires elevation. I don't know what LU5.exe is. Sorry, I don't see a way around this short of disabling UAC.

    Personally, I like to know when a program is trying to makes changes to the system.
  4. LU5.exe is the updater for MSI Live Update 5 (for the motherboard drivers and software). All i had to do was add it to task manager and then remove it from the startup for windows. I get no more popup asking for permissions. This should work for the other programs the same way.

    I'm posting the link so that other people can do the same may people will find it helpful.

    Just remember to go to "start" then in the "search programs and files" type in "msconfig" then click on the "Startup tab" and find the program you want to load from the task manager and "Untick" it in the Startup then click "Apply" then "Ok". or else it will still try to load up and it wil keep asking for permissions.

    With this being said it degrades your protection as a virus can get a hold of these programs and take advantage of them by infecting your system. So this is your warning.

    I'm sure someone else can explain this better then i so if anyone wishes to take this information and explain it better then that would be great.

    Thank you Hawkeye22 for trying to help me out in this matter i have much respect for trying to help me out. I'm going to pick you as the solution as you where the only one who tried or could help me out on this matter.
  5. Sory, the task manager didn't cross my mind since you said it was a startup program. The task manager in win 7 allows you to set the program to "run at the highest level" which is sufficient to bypass UAC.
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