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I was at my local Flea Market last weekend and I found what seems to be two ATI Radeon 5770's. I tested one briefly and seen it works. My question for you all, is this a Radeon 5770? Also what is the extra metal part on the end. I do not see an easy way to take off because it is fasten inside, and also on the back. with
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    The extra part at the back is meant to slide into rails on the case at the back end of the card to keep them straight, this dates back to full length cards since the 8088. You're likely to only find this today on cards designed to go with first tier OEM vendors like Dell or HP.
  2. I think the versions for the Mac Pro had some extra framework extending out. Can't recall seeing that shape before though.

    Perhaps a bit of Google image searching!
  3. Yeah I did google search for it and after a couple hours I gave up. It was hard enough figuring out the model of these two cards. Thanks both for the info. Best thing about about these cards was they only cost $10 and I also got a geforce gtx 580 black ops edition card. Mainly got it so I can try out Crossfire.

    From looking on google it seems this is infact a Dell AMD ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB P120A GDDR5 PCI-E 2.1 x16 Video Card.
  4. I would take the angle grinder to them metal bits! :D
  5. those are used in Mac Pros, im quite sure but idk what they are for, could be for added rigidity
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