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itunes stopped working as i was updating my ipod and now it's in limbo!!!!!

Last response: in Other Consumer Electronics
May 21, 2013 11:24:02 AM

hi everyone, i previously had a tethered jailbreak on my ipod which i never used and made it pointless seeing as my battery would only last like five minutes when doing anymore than listening to music so i decided to remove the jailbreak by updating it from my computer, unfortunately, as it was verifying (and almost finished) itunes stopped working and i had to close the program and now my ipod is a complete vegetable :(  if anyone knows how to get my ipod working again or even just how to get itunes to recognise it so it can be updated i will be really happy, thanks in advance for any help
May 21, 2013 11:28:47 AM

apples are not user friendly. when you brick one you pretty much have to bring it back to an apple store for a fix. and since you jailbroke it im pretty sure you invalidated any warrentees.

that said they might be able to fix it for you.
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