ECS gtx 670 graphics card ?

Hey guys, I wanted to ask your opinion about these graphics cards, I could get an

ECS GTX 670 2GB - $328

XFX Radeon HD 7870 core edition - $322

Gigabyte gtx 660 oc - $293

And get a core i5 3570 non k plus ASUS p8b75-M LX

Or a Gigabyte GTX 650 ti boost 2GB - $224

XFX Radeon HD 7850 2GB - $268

Zotac gtx 660 - $258

And a core i5 3570k plus Gigabyte GA Z77-DS3H Rev 1 which will be at stock until I get better cooler

I currently have a core i5 2300 and a gigabyte Radeon HD 5670 OC 1 GB GDDR 5 which I have to say has been a pretty good card for its price

4GB of ram @1333 (will upgrade to 8 @1600)

1tb Seagate barracuda HDD

Thermaltake tr2 500 watts

Will be running @1920x1080p

I'm upgrading proc, mobo, RAM and graphics because I'm selling them to my dad, PSU and HDD stay with me.

Those are my options on cards I'm really wondering about that ecs gtx 670 because the equivalent in Asus, evga, gigabyte are like $100+ more expensive, I live in Peru, those are my prices and choices, also, do you think I should wait for Haswell? I'm doing the upgrade in mid June but idk when will haswell arrived to Peru. Thanks in advance.

Forgot to add I will play games like Tomb raider, Crysis 3, call of duty, sometimes, but I'm more a mmorpg person and will play Aion, Tera and some upcoming games like blade and soul, etc. I want to be able to attend sieges (or however you want to call them) where there are like 150 - 200 players pvping at the same time, would be nice on max settings without compromising performance or at least not that much. Thanks in advance
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  1. If you are only planning on playing on 1080p I would get the 7850 or 7870, there will really be no need for the 670 gtx
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    Absolutely get the most card you can afford or you'll be guaranteed to regret the lack of power at some point in the future. ECS is a very good brand name. Their "Black" series with the Arctic Cooling Accelero coolers are some of the best.

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