Corsair - Gaming Series 700-Watt ATX Power Supply

Hi there, have a question first time here. I am looking to upgrade my psu. Currently have a Diablotek PHD ATX 450w ( yeah I've been reading up Diablotek no good ) and it's taking a dump finally. I was looking into getting a Corsair - Gaming Series 700-Watt ATX Power Supply.
I have a AMD Athlon II x4 630
GPU is 5670 ATI
Chipset- AMD 785G
Southbridge- AMD SB700
Not sure if you need more information as far as specs. But my actual question is would it be worth it getting the Corsair knowing i'd upgrade my gpu in the somewhat near future and would it be compatible with my rig?
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  1. A system with a 5670 GPU would need 400W. Most newer cards need a 500W supply. The 700W supply is a little overkill but not so much that I would tell you to get something else.

    With that psu you should be able to get just about any GPU under $350US and be ok.
  2. Thanks for input mate. Kind of what I figured. Just wanted to make sure that psu would be compatible with the mobo as well.
  3. You shouldn't have a problem there. It appears to be a standard ATX motherboard.
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