Cant get my PC to turn on

Hey everyone, I have been struggling for a year with this pc, I built it last summer and it ran fine until a few months ago. One day it just shut off and would only turn on when it was on its side. I looked into it and discovered it was a power supply issue. Well I replaced to psu and... nothing happened wouldn't turn on at all. So I looked into it more online and figured my motherboard was just dead. So I replaced it.

After hooking up everything closely following directions, I flip the psu's power switch on and I know it is getting power because I have a back lit keyboard that is lighting up (It wasn't with the old motherboard/psu)

I have disconnected and re connected everything, triple checked that everything was installed correctly, even tried laying it on its side to get it to turn on but nothing happens when I press the power switch.

Any ideas?

Here are my specs:
Cooler master elite power 400w psu
MSI 970A-G46 mobo
AMD phenom II x4 AM3 3.4 Ghz cpu
Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB SATA 6Gb/s hard drive
Radeon HD 6670 gpu
8GB Corsair DDR3 ram
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  1. sounds like your cpu is not connected properly or not working. cpu issues will cause issues like not posting, booting, not even a beep.
    you may want to check that the case power button is placed on the right pins on your motherboard
  2. Something isn't connected properly.
  3. I have checked that the power buttons are connected properly multiple times.

    What could be wrong with the cpu and how could i fix it?

    I have spent at least 800 on this build that I was aiming to only spend 500 and currently I had to scrounge just to get the motherboard so replacing the cpu really isn't an option for me..
  4. If i was in your situation I would find the cheapest am3 cpu and a cheap pci-e gpu and keep them as testing equipment, check on ebay phenom ii x2 555 are pretty cheap or athlon ii x2 should be even cheaper. get a gpu e.g. hd 5450 just to check what is working.
  5. it ran fine until a few months ago. One day it just shut off and would only turn on when it was on its side.

    To me, that suggests a loose connection.
  6. To test it i unplugged everything except the cpu, cpu fan and the front panel connectors and got nothing...

    I double checked that the front panel connectors were plugged into both the actuall reset and power switches as well as that they were properly connected to the motherboard.

    Im guessing that means the cpu really is dead?
  7. To test it i unplugged everything except the cpu, cpu fan and the front panel connectors and got nothing...

    And got absolutely nothing? No flash, no slight fan spin?
    That's not a dead CPU.
  8. @USAFRet I'm not really sure what could be loose... I have now quadruple checked everything to make sure nothing was loose.. so I'm not sure if that would be the case.

    @rajaawad23 I think that I will have to try that next

    Thank you guys for your help
  9. @USAFRet I got absolutley nothing no flash no slight fan spin, no beeping of any sort, nothing except the lights on my keyboard..
  10. one thing that i have seen many do is forget to plug in the 4 pin square power cable next to the cpu, that and the big 18pin motherboard power cable are what might be loose. if you don't have fan spining then might be connection or dead motherboard or psu.
    sometimes a faulty psu can damage a motherboard and other way round. so if you changed your motherboard but kept the same faulty psu, that might have damaged it
  11. Try unplugging the power switch lead to the motherboard and then jump the two terminals with something metal like a screw driver. It could just be a bad power switch on the case.
  12. @rajaawad23 My old psu only had a 4pin connector but this motherboard needs an 8 pin so I waited to get the new psu to connect to 8 pin

    I have checked the 8 pin and 24 pin connections a few times and they are snug in

    @jnkweaver I wouldnt have a clue how to jump the two terminals
  13. there is a plug that comes from the front of the case and plugs into the motherboard. (usually about 6 of them) They are for anything electrical on the front of the case (headphones, microphone, hard drive led, power led, and power switch. It is a plug that should only have 2-slots and is usually labeled PWR SW. If you find that one unplug it and take a screw driver and momentarily touch the two pins that this plug was plugged into.
  14. Have you to see if the pc is dead or there a dead short. Have you taken the mb out of the case and with just the ps and ram and gpu tried to post it on a flat desk.
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