ASRock XFast crashes PC

I have a custom rig with an ASrock Z77 extreme4 motherboard and windows 8 pro 64bit installed and when I switch XFast to turbo mode, and transfer big files from my portable hard drive, my PC crashes. It goes to a blue screen with a sad text face and the error code I got was MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. how do I fix this? Thanks
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  1. maybe it's buggy, imo those are more of a gimick so i don't use it. i have extreme4 z68.

    maybe you could ttry to check for an update for xfast
  2. try this link http://Drivers_n_Utilities hope it will work
  3. Ill try now thanks. Will report the result, I hope it works too ://
  4. I checked and I do have the latest drivers. It still crashes on me
  5. it's a waste to use it in my opinion.not stable.
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