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i'm doing a water cooling build and i need some help choosing a pump. im going to have a 250mm tube reservoir, 240mm radiator, a 120mm radiator, and a block on my cpu and gpu; what would be the best/most inexpencive way to power that. any help is appreciated
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  1. DangerDen 3/4 tubing
  2. links please
  3. Can never go wrong with a D5 pump. Just grab a variant from whichever brand you trust or has the features you want.
  4. how much can you get one for, im trying to stay sub $100
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    Watercooling sticky + Google = both have pump answers

    We don't spoon feed answers.

    Why a 250mm reservoir? Seems excessively large.
  6. Psst... good luck finding danger den stuff. They are kaputz!

    Rubix gave you good advice - hit that sticky. Learn the basics. You will be able to answer your own question and then some after that. Plus... know what you are really getting into and how to do it right.

    Give a man a fish... teach a man to fish... the lesson plans are already there for you
  7. thanks so much for the replies. I'm going to put in some more research time before i make any decisions
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