Bad performance with high end pc

First of all im gona start with my specs.

CPU: i7 3770k ivy bridge.
Motherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z77X-UP7
GPU: Gtx 670 x2 sli
Cooler Master CPU Fan + 6 more normal fans
PSU: 1000W gold pro somethin like that not sure.
RAM: 16GB kingston 1333MHz

im getting low fps in games that i play for some reason, i recently reinstalled windows but that ddnt change anything. For example in Tera i get 53 - 20 fps and thats not even in main cities where it is crowded. In wow in crowded areas i get like 40-45 fps. Please tell me what the heck is going on !!! i spent alot of money on this pc and my freind's i5 with 560 GPU matches or sometimes even get more fps than me !! a help would be appreciated. I forgot to mention my cpu is stock not OCed but i guess with my spec i dont even need to OC.

My GPU drivers are updated as well.
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  1. Try using NVIDIA GPU Reader
  2. this is the 3d mark 11 result on 1280 x 720
  3. What other types of games do you have issues with is it all?
    What other applications do you run and what isyour gpu's temp?
    What is your monitor's display resolution?Disabling unnecessary startup items is also a quick and easy way to free up CPU and memory resources on a system, which may help improve—or at least normalize—the performance of your games. Any application that launches automatically with Windows consumes memory and potentially CPU resources. Disabling these unnecessary applications frees up those CPU and memory resources for other applications, such as your games.

    Windows has a built-in tool to disable startup items—MSCONFIG on Windows 7 or the Startup section in Task Manger on i also found a third-party utility called CCleaner to be one of the easiest to use , and it looks and works the same on every Windows-based system.

    Regardless of which tool you use, run a Google search if you’re unsure which items on the startup list can be safely disabled or deleted; just look for the file name to find out what it does and if you need it. Odds are, most items can be safely removed, save for any antivirus and antimalware apps or ones that run scheduled tasks, such as a backup tool. Do you really need Steam or Spotify starting up when your PC does and consume precious resources? I really suggest you do a modest CPU O.C (with a good cooler) to really help unleash your GPU setup.

    Are you playing in full screen mode? If not, sli does not work.

    Have you try or can you test a title like BF3, Skyrim, or anything else for which there is a LOT of published benchmarks?

    Please compare your results to a review like this, which lists framerates for both a single 670 and 2 670s in SLI.
  4. bigcyco1 said:
    What other types of games do you have issues with is it all?
    What other applications do you run and what isyour gpu's temperature?
    What is your monitor's display resolution?

    ya the problem is with all the games i play and i ddnt check the gpu's temp, running on 1920x1080p.
  5. I want to add that i get the same fps with sli either off or on in my games thats weird, but in 3d mark 11 the sli work great but for some reason in games the fps is the same with sli on or off please help
  6. btw i cannot enter BIOS bcuz the pc starts up too fast from black screen to windows right away thats weird and can some1 answer the post ? ,,,,,,,,,
  7. First thing i would do is overclock your cpu if you cannot get into your bios that's no good we will have to try and figure out how to fix that.Because with a setup like you have overclocking the cpu is a must lol!
  8. so how can i fix the boot issue where i cant enter the bios ?
  9. Definitely update your motherboard drivers, which you can do off the Gigabyte website. Many people are finding that fixes issues with the PCIe 3.0 slot.

    As far as the BIOS, the only thing I can think is that you keep pressing the button as much as you can at the initial bootup. You may also try to enable other boot modes through Windows if that doesn't work to insert a delay.
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