Sata 3GB 6GB

My HDD support Sata 6GB
Connection to the SATA 3GB or SATA 6GB on the Motherboad dos'nt make any difference to the Windows Disk Data Transfer Rate.

Thank you all for hepling me to understand the problem.
I whish the manufacturers would mention it.
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    Because no mechanical HDD can reach 3Gb/s, let alone 6Gb/s.
  2. Someone somewhere always has the answers.

    LOLOLOL. you sir, never fail to crack me up.
  3. Me or him?

    I try to remember most things I read. Sort of a knowledge sponge.
  4. i agree with his answer (sir Someone Somewhere), so i dont get your point sir Zero_

    and yes there will be no difference because mechanical drives are slow, sure they might have peak reads/writes sometimes but thats it.
    if you want to see a diff, get a sata3 ssd then try it using sata2 and sata3 ports
  5. Most 7200rpm hdds are 100-120MB/s sequential (ie large file transfers so won't see that in normal situations). 3Gb/s equates to a bit less than 300MB/s from overhead so really even at sata 1 you won't see a difference. Burst speeds will go higher if the files were in the hdd's cache since this is flash memory but cache is small.

    Failing to see the irony of his own name; more funnies.
  6. Oh... I get it now. Thought you were saying it was funny I had the answers but someone. Of course.
  7. Someone Somewhere said:
    Oh... I get it now. Thought you were saying it was funny I had the answers but someone. Of course.

    Yea. Someone somewhere always has answers :P
  8. From what i have been reading it does make a little difference but not enough to pay extra. They are saying it's burst speed but it's still stuck at 7200rpms no matter what you change on it. I have been seeing a lot of people use the SSD for loading the OS and a game or two and then use the 7200 rpm for everything else. I know the hybrid HD/SSD drives boot faster but you still want an SSD for your OS and a game as the hybrid is still limited by the 7200rpm.
  9. Actually, a pure SSD will still boot faster than a hybrid SSHDD.

    Having a boot/important programs/games SSD and a data HDD is a usually the recommended option.
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