best overclocking program for a Sapphire HD 7770?

Just got a Sapphire HD 7770

Wondering if there is a program out there better than EVGA precision X for overclocking. Unfortunately when I bought it off newegg I didn't see that for 5 dollars more I could've had the factory oc'd version of my card.

This is what I have:

this is what I for some reason didn't see but wish I would've gotten:

But I figure, "hey I can just OC it on my own right?"

what would be the best program?
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    opio said:
    what would be the best program?

    I just use the built-in OCing feature in the Catalyst Driver (and I've tried everything else). It's the fastest, safest way imo, and no need to DL and install any new apps.
    BTW Sapphire also has their own OC utility TriXX, which might be worth a look if you plan on overvolting:
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