Looking for affordable Micro or Mini ATX board for 1st Gen i7-920

Hi guys, my very generous friend gave me his 1st gen i7 920 cpu.

This will be my first time attempting to build a computer.

I'm looking to use the BitFenix Prodigy case or something akin to that size.


My question is recommendations on motherboards in the micro or mini variant. Looking for reasonably priced boards under $200 if possible. I like this one but way too expensive:

Asus Rampage III Gene

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  1. Go to ebay and type "1366 X58 Micro ATX Motherboard" into the searchbox. I just looked and found 4 different micro ATX boards for less than $150. That's your best net.

    Brand new 1366 boards from places like NewEgg are WAY to expensive and just not worth it.
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