Can my laptop run call of duty 4 without a problem?

I have a notebook: Acer aspire 5552G and I was wondering if it can run the call of duty 4 without making any trouble or something on my laptop.
The laptop has these characteristics:
AMD Athlon II X2P340
AMD Radeo HD 6470M
3 GB DDR3 Memory
500 GB HDD
If anyone knows if it is ok to download it please reply me. :)
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  1. thank you veeeery much barto :)
    but can i ask you sth? what do you mean "on loewr settings" how can i enable lower settings?
  2. When you start the game, you can go into Video or Graphic Settings. In the settings, you can choose the resolution and the "quality" settings. If you look back at the picture I posted from NotebookCheck, you'll see that the resolution is 800 x 600 on low quality. Those are the settings you will have to change to make the game playable.
  3. thaaank you barto :)
    can i ask you one last thing?
    do you know where i can download call of duty 4?
  4. do you know where i can download it free?
  5. sum41 said:
    do you know where i can download it free?

    It's against forum rules to promote or assist in Piracy. I can only answer this question by saying, go buy it.

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