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I am wondering what is the best card for my dell optiplex 745 desktop model. I have the riser and currently a pny verto 8600 gt in it. The problem is the size of the card. I tried one time to put in a xfx Radeon 7750 hd and it was too long with the riser.

This looks like it would fit hd 6670

Looking at the pic this HD 7750 might fit
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  1. Well, your choices in addition to low profile card or very short cards are also limited by weak power supply, am I correct?
    So question is, would you try video card without riser?
    Sapphire 7750 low profile
    It will make your riser useless, but it will easy fit and will be a good performer.
  2. Power supply is not mush of a problem as it can output 280w and most single slot cards that don't need to be plugged into the power supply dont used more than 75ish watts. The thing I is if I don't use the riser I will have a pretty big hole in the back of the computer that could lead to much dust.
  3. Just one attempt to persuade you to give up riser - your CPU cooler fan is pushing air inside the case in the front and this air exhaust in the back, so technically dust is not going to be sucked into the case, so it is not so bad.

    If you still want to go riser way, would you be able to measure the length of possible card - I mean how long it can be?

    It seems there are not many cards available for this situation.
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