Installing Windows XP Professional "No hard drives found"

First of all I know that the question as it is has been answered many many times and trust me I have read every thread I found, but I have a different problem.

First of I should give my pc's specifications so we are on the same page.

Motherboard: MSI MS-7113 649 Neo-V
CPU: Intel Pentium 4
RAM: 1 stick of 512 MB DDR
GPU: nVidia 6200LE
HDD: Seagate Baracuda 7200 500 GB

If you need anything else tell me.

Now to the problem. As the title says I'm trying to install Windows XP but after all the files are loaded and when it comes to the point to select where should it be installed, the installation tells me that no HDD where found.

I have come across the same problem one more time to another PC so I knew that I had to slipstream the sata drivers, given by the manufacturer's site, to a new ISO with nLite and then create a new installation disc. But the problem is that the driver doesn't do any good. Still no HDD found. The driver I slipstreamed is found here and is the "SiS SATA RAID Driver (For floppy driver)" driver.

I have read about 10 threads about the slipstraming process and I have followed the steps exactly, plus I have done it before so I knew what to do. But in vain. I went through the process two more times, one of them with a completely different installation disk but still same result. So I came to think that something might be wrong with the driver or I don't know what else.

I then moved the hard drive to my own machine and installed Windows XP with no problem but when I moved it back every time it boots from the HDD shows some strange characters and stops.

I should also say that there is no floppy drive so there has to be some other way. I'm open to comments and, thanks for any help given. :)
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  1. Update the BIOS on motherboard?

    If the driver is correct it should show it up... Are you using win xp 32 bit or 64 bits? And disci with win xp with SP1 or SP2 or SP3 ?

    Are you able to install windows 7 on that disk on that motherboard?
  2. Motherboard has the latest bios version 3.1. So I don't think that I should flash the bios.

    The installation disk is Windows XP Professional SP3 x32.

    It's the second time I come to fix this PC. First time I installed Windows 7 Home Premium x32 but then it was kind of slow so they told me to install XP if possible. Now I'm trying to install Windows 7 again but it stops at 91% at Expanding Windows Files... I have no idea why.....
  3. Corrupt harddrive?!

    Im not sure what else you could try :]
  4. centaurius said:
    Corrupt harddrive?!

    Im not sure what else you could try :]

    [#6A5ACD]I don't think it's the HDD cause i managed to install XP when connected to my MoBo and booted smoothly.

    Thanks for your help and your time anyway.. :)[/#]
  5. Try various sata drivers. I had some cases where only one of three driver versions worked correctly.
  6. Denii said:
    Try various sata drivers. I had some cases where only one of three driver versions worked correctly.

    [#6A5ACD]What do you mean by other sata drivers? I had a similar thought and I tried slipstreaming all the Windows x32 drivers I found on the website for this Motherboard, still same result. If by various sata drivers you mean sata drivers for other motherboards but from the same manufacturer I would ask for some more enlightenment...[/#]
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