Compaq Presario CQ57 315-nr reboot

laptop crashed after letting a friend use it. who knows what he did but the hard drive fried. i installed a seagate 1tb hybrid as replacement for the factory one and installed the 8 gig ram upgrade. was unable to get anything from the old Drive whatsoever. So am having to reboot from scratch. It ran win 7 home premium x32 factory installed when i purchased so product key should work for x64 after reboot correct? Any suggestions on a secure site to download a x64 version of Win 7 home premium? And how about installing the drivers, is there a certain order in which to upload? Always had backups, factory windows discs, system recovery, etc discs before. Could use a little guidance to do things properly. Would greatly appreciate any good advice to do it myself after the quote i received to have it done.
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  1. you can download windows here though obviously you need your genuine windows key to install

    and you need to use the version you had--ie home premium

    make sure to have the wireless or ethernet drivers first then you will be able to get other drivers and updates

    usually i install the chipset drivers first on a clean install
  2. You can legally download an ISO from Microsoft of W7 Home X64 SP1-U from Microsoft @ and use your OEM key to activate.

    The just use the drivers from
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