psu producing too much heat.

hey frnd,my psu producing too much heat when i play bf3,after half hour of play it produces too much heat and i just exit game because of fear that if something get wrong with psu or does not gets shutdown by overheating.any help plyz.
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  1. Your psu is a good quality unit, and should not overheat.
    Are you certain that it is the psu that is creating the heat, and not your cpu or graphics card?

    1. Check that the fan is spinning.
    2. Check that your case has adequate airflow. Exactly what case do you have?
    To test this, take the side covers off of your case and see if the problem is resolved.
    3. Are you running a very strong or older graphics card? For example a GTX295 or a sli configuration.
  2. i have i5 2400 cpu and zotac gtx 550ti gpu
    cpu gets about 70 degree hotter and gpu same as well.
    if cpu remian cool when i play games for example i am playing bf3 and then cpu temp is 40 degree then it also effect on psu??if cpu is cool then it effect psu??
  3. In most enclosures, the psu fan is on the inside where it gets warmer air for cooling.
    So, if the inside of your case is hot, the psu needs to work harder.

    Your GTX550ti only needs 400w or so.

    Are you measuring temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit?
  4. measuring in Celsius.
  5. I have no idea how you're concluding your PSU is too hot but the obvious answer is to get a bigger PSU. Over heating is a classic symptom for any component that is being over worked. The higher wattage your PSU the less it must work to produce a given workload.
  6. A GPU at 70c. is not a problem.
    A CPU at 70c. is a problem.
    If you are using the stock cpu cooler, it is likely that it is not mounted well.
    Specifically, what is your CPU brand/model?
    What model is your case brand/model?
  7. i have stock cooler mounted and i checked i hink its well mounted.CPU is intel i5 2400.
    is there a climate problem i am from india,new delhi,here temp is 47 degree this a problem is too much hotter..


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