Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z vs Asrock 990fx Extreme9

I am wanting to overclock an 8 core processor. Which one of these will be better at doing that. Which one of these boards has greater value.




Another question is about PCI-e 3.0, right now I will only have a 2.0 GPU in the board but I would like to upgrade in the future. Should i go ahead and get the only AMD board that supports 3.0? From what I read 2.0 isn't even being using to the full right now.

Thanks for everyone's input!
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  1. The Asus Formula - Z is currently the best motherboard available for the AM3+ platform and overclocking.

    PCIE 3.0 is only faster than PCIE 2.1 @ 16/16 when ran with 3+ GPUs.
  2. My Asrock 990FX EXTREME 9 died after 3 weeks...........
  3. Get the crosshair or sabertooth..........
  4. I don't know what you are doing to you motherboard to kill it after 3 week's, but you should probably take up another hobby. The ASrock Extreme9 is a wonderful motherboard, as is the ASUS. I have had an ASROCK 970 extreme3 and 4, and an ASRock extreme9, all of which performed wonderfully, even under overclock conditions.
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