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For some reason my chrome icon keeps turning generic and I also experience slow down when using it. What do I do? Brand new system, all drivers installed.
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    Download Ccleaner. Uninstall Chrome using Ccleaner's uninstall tool. Run Ccleaner's clean up. Run Ccleaner's registry fix. Download Chrome and reinstall it.
  2. It worked! Why though? Do programs sometimes just not work? For what reason could this be?
  3. Glad it worked, Kodoli!

    Yes, sometimes programs just stop working. Cleaning out trash files and doing a Regestry repair can get rid of useless files that are causing software conflicts that cause confusion in some applications. And sometimes browsers will downloaod---without your knowledge---crapware add-ins that slow them down. Now you have a clean computer, a non-currupt Regestry, and a new Chrome.
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