USB Ports keep on disconnecting - PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello there guys from a few days i have this problem with my usb ports

every device that i have plugged in it's keep on disconnecting for 5seconds then it's back on... the keyboard the mouse the elgato capture card the microphone and so on. I tried almost everything , i did changed the ports for all the devices , i tried to clean the ports , i tried to uninstall/disable usb ports , i tried to restart the pc and do those power option things , i unchecked that box from the universal bus in device manager....

i dont know what else to do to make it work properly... the problem is that it's not doing this every day that's why is so frustrating , sometimes it works perfectly then like today you cant even work properly on it...

let me now what you think and my motherboard is an MSI MS-7750 !

cheers and i really hope you guys can help me out !
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  1. I am also facing similar challenges. Thanks for raising this issue.
  2. Hello dear users,

    I had the same issues with my USB midi controllers. They were connecting and disconnecting constantly which drove me crazy.
    After trying everything written above (they may be a solution for someone else's specific problem) I finally realised the problem was my desktop pc's usb ports have been used by MANY devices - old, new, current.

    Let me explain this: each time we connect a device into a usb port it installs a driver (mostly automatic). Then it stays in the system. Even if we plug in a friend's usb flash disk to copy a document, its drivers linger on. So over time our machine collects many UNUSED usb port drivers. By cleaning them we avoid possible conflicts and a system speed up as an added bonus.

    Here's how I did it...

    I downloaded a little freeware USB port utility called USBDeview from and ran it AS ADMINISTRATOR.
    I found the unused old drivers and uninstalled them thus cleaning the list. Then restart. Plug in your device, see it is activated and have a nice day!

    Best regards,

    Have a nice day.
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