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Hello Guyz,

So i'm buying a monitor this week, mainly for gaming purposes, but before buying i really need to know whether i am making the right choice or not. My budget range is from $150 - $180.

So at this budget 2 monitors are available in my country, one is of Asus and other is Dell.I was going for Asus since its a good brand but the issue with this monitor is that its size is 21''. While the dell monitor is 23'' but i heard that dell isn't a very good brand since many people have issues with this monitor. Following are the links for Asus and Dell monitor.

Dell Monitor ($180):-
Asus Monitor ($175):-

Your suggestion may very much be helpful in picking the right monitor, Thank you.

My computer Specs are:-
Intel motherboard Dh55tc,
Processor: i3 530 2.93 GHZ,
Graphic Card: HiS 7850 2gb (recently bought),
Ram: 4 GB DDR 3
Powersupply : GX550 Coolermaster
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    I think I'd go with the ASUS one.

    The reason for this being that it's slightly cheaper for one.

    The second reason is that the response time for both monitors is 5ms.

    That's an alright amount. Response time is the time it takes each pixel to

    change color. The faster this happens, the better, as it's important in certain gaming situations.

    Furthermore the size of both monitors isn't wildly different. As you've said, it's a 21" vs a 23".

    However, those measurements are the sizes of the screen + bezel too. So in reality, the actual

    "display area", where the image actually appears, is 54.6cm for the ASUS monitor and 58.4 for

    the Dell one. Not the largest difference in reality. To add to all this, the Asus monitor also seems to

    have better options for adjusting the monitor (5 degrees forward and 20 degrees backforward).

    Plus the Asus one also has a Full HD resolution and LED lighting technology - The same as the Dell one.

    I will say however, it wasn't possible to find some good reviews of either monitors.

    Lastly, if you're looking to get an edge in fast-paced games, get monitors with 120Hz or more.

    For reference, these monitors you've selected some with the standard issue 60Hz, which is alright too.
  2. Really appreciate for the reply, Helps me clear a lot on those monitors, Well i love to get my hands on 120 Hz Monitor : using 3d visions, That would be so Epic:D but i'm low on budget and cant afford it. So Basically by reading your review, ill order Asus monitor tomorrow as its much better then the dell one having more options on adjusting and etc. i also find Asus Better looking then the dell. Once again thanks for the reply.
  3. Just got my monitor today and i love it:p... but there's confusion with DVI cable. As my monitor and my graphic card has a Dvi-D dual Link slot and i got Dvi-D "Single Link" cable with my monitor. So the thing i need to ask is that can i use Dvi-D "Single Link" cable on those Dual Link slot, Will it cause any problems or is it compatible.

    I Apologize for my stupid question, but i need to be sure that i'm connecting the right connectors to my graphic card and my monitor because i don't want to F*** them up. As both these items i bought recently and costed me a lot of money. :p
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